In 2008, David (14 years old) developed for a research competition a wheelchair system which can be controlled wirelessly with a computer.
Since, at that time, he didn't find a suitable motor controller which he could control, therefore he decided to control the wheelchair with its joystick via small lift magnets - for the competition, he won a prize; click here for this work.
Also after the research competition, he tried out various motor controllers without success.

In 2011, we found a suitable motor controller and developed a software for the wireless wheelchair control. You can have a look at the result in this video.

Hardware for controlling the wheelchair:

[Motor controller]
Motor controller: Sabertooth 2X25 V2 regenerative dual motor driver
[Relais card for controlling the motor brakes]
Relais card for controlling the motor brakes: 8-CHANNEL-RELAY CARD FOR PC 230 V/AC 16A by Conrad Electronic SE
[Joystick for the software to control the wheelchair wirelessly via Bluetooth]
Joystick for the software to control the wheelchair wirelessly via Bluetooth: Zeemote* JS1 (the joystick is originally for mobile phones, but also usable for MS-Windows computers) **

Here are some screenshots of the software for Windows 7 - we are thinking if we provide it for free download later:

[Screen with smart control] [Screen with manual control]
[Configuration dialog of joystick] [Configuration dialog of relais card]

** Software update (22 January 2012) - controlling the wheelchair is also possible with speech input included in Windows 7 (using a microphone)

* Zeemote is a registered trademark of Zeemote Technology Inc.